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Your Sites Webmaster is Andy Kitching , Design is by Lee Smith. You can Find my main site here. Doctor Who is a registered trademark and is copyright to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).
The BBC Doctor Who logo is also copyright to the BBC. IN NO WAY IS THIS A PROFITABLE SITE!

I'm Andy Kitching and editor of the Dr Who in the 21st Century Newsletter. I've been a fan of Doctor Who now for 6 years and I'm also a huge fan of Only Fools And Horses,

The newsletter really began back in early 2000 when I ran my own WHO site; Doctor Who in the 21st Century which also had a mailing list of the same name, the site was on the road to BIG success when it's provider ceased to be. A few months later I got talking again to Dave J Brook, owner of
DOCTOR WHO ONLINE and a while after I began writing for DWO in Kitching's Kolumn which I still do so do please read that!

After a boring few months I started up a new mailing list, which is the one you see today.
Anyway, that's a bit of background for you.

A big thank you to
Lee Smith, the html- boffin from Dr Baker's for the design of the page!