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Tomb of the Cybermen DVD


Well, after a few years I have finally got round to watching
the complete serial of Tomb of the Cybermen.

Sadly, I've had the VHS copy for a number of years but never
got past episode two without switching it off....don't ask
me why but for a few years I never really liked this story.

I pre-ordered my copy from an internet company and eagerly awaited
it's arrival...strange really, why eagerly when I could just switch
on the VCR?? Anyway, the review:


Well, the DVD doesn't actually make the story what it is but
it does add to the treasures.
Superb acting from all the cast I feel in this Patrick Troughton romp
from the sixties with some excellent sets and cybermen costume,
a friend of mine actually owns one of the original cybermen suits,
lucky devil!

A well paced four-parter with some great cliffhangers and I feel it's
good that the cybermen are not actually brought in in the opening
scenes of the first episode like in subsequent stories...


. Behind the Scenes at the BBC Visual Effects Department:
  Splendid 5 minute nosey into the chaps that made the metal
monsters and BEMs that made the programme what it is....Cybermats. color!!

.Commentry by Frazer Hines and Debbie Watling:
 Hines and Watling provide a running commmentry which you can turn on
or off while watching the story commenting on memories from the studio
floor and other tidbits!

. Intro by director, Morris Barry:
From the original VHS release Morris Barry, the director of Tomb talks
about Tomb's origins....

.Tombwatch documentay:
Never seen before footage of the cast and crew of Tomb reunited for the
first time in 1992 discussing the production of Tomb!

.Unused title sequences and 8mm Cine footage:
 Alternate title sequences, not to mention the last moments of Evil
 of the Daleks..

.Photo Gallery

-Rare shots including some never before published!


Mark out of Ten : 9/10







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