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Time and Relative


Well, the first in a new range of Doctor Who Novellas, officially licensed by the BBC.
For those who don't know already, a novella is half way between a novel and short story, think of a Roald Dahl's 'The Twits' and you are on the right lines.

          Time and Relative, the child of acclaimed SF&Fantasy author Kim Newman is actually set BEFORE the first television adventure with the First Doctor and Susan in the space and time machine.

Not only the first in a series of novellas but the first to be written as a POV (point of view), yes, it's written as Susan's diary - a very orginal and different idea.

1963, and theres a big freeze in England - snow covers everywhere and brings life to a halt.
Susan hardly sees her Grandfather lately, he's pretty busy with something......

The story really begins when at Coal Hill School when all the kids are sure one of the newly constructed snowmen shoots one of the pupils, strangly, none of the adults take any notice.

It's very hard to review the story itself because it's quite complex but all I can say is that the story is very Doctor Who-ish ...although some elements seem out of place for the Hartnell era, I mean who saw much visual violence in the Hartnell era? Sydney Newman would have been straight down to that production office.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this exciting new's different and the Beeb books need competition of some kind....I have felt for a while and I know I'm echoed from various internet sources in that the books lately have been a bit 'stale'.....we need a 'new' style of storys for the books, and I believe that the novellas have that style which is needed...................







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