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April 2002

Ark in Space - BBC DVD

Trading Futures - BBC Book (EDA)

Embrace the Darkness - BF CD- (EDA)

Excelis Rising - BF CD -(6th Doc)

 Amorality Tale - BBC Book-(3rd Doc)

May 2002

The Ambassadors of Death- BBC Video

The Book of the Still -BBC Book (EDA)

Warmonger -BBC Book (5th Doc)

Time of the Daleks -BF CD (EDA)

Nightdreamers -Telos Book


JUNE 2002

Carnival of Monsters -BBC DVD

The Crooked World -BBC Book (EDA)

Ten Little Aliens -BBC Book (1st Doc)

NeverLand - BF CD (EDA)

Excelis Decays -BF CD (7th Doc)


JULY 2002

The Creature from the Pit - BBC Video

History 101 -BBC Book (EDA)

Combat Rock -BBC Book (2nd Doc)

Spare Parts -BF CD (5th Doc)




The Aztecs -BBC DVD

Camera Obscura -BBC Book (EDA)

The Suns of Caresh -BBC book (3rd Doc)

The Enemy of the World - BBC CD (2nd Doc)

....ish -BF CD (6th Doc)



The Invisible Enemy- BBC Video

NightDreamers -Telos Book

Time Zero - BBC Book (EDA)

Heritage -BBC Book (7th Doc)

The Rapture -BF Audio (7th Doc)




Death Comes to Time -BBC CD (7th Doc)

The Infinity Race -BBC Book (EDA)

Fear of the Dark -BBC Book (5th Doc)

Un-named Big Finish Audio (5th Doc)



The Domino Effect -BBC Book (EDA)

Blue Box-BBC Book (6th Doc)

The Savages -BBC CD (1st Doc)

The Sandman-BF CD (6th Doc)















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