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Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred return to their
roles as the Seventh Doctor and Ace respectively in the latest release from the Big Finish Production lab, and I must say an outstanding release as usual.

I won’t go into a history lesson about Colditz Castle and the like but those who have been watching ‘The Great Escape’
this Christmas (or any other Christmas because it’s always on at this
time of year) will know the basic setting of the play.

Colditz also tackles several issues attached to
the whole Nazi character and heavily hints of Ace’s near rape incident
with a Nazi officer.

Gary Russel does some great direction for this
adventure, also, Toby Richards and Emily Baker provide some very
thrilling incidental music to the scenes and make it feel like it
belongs in that Season 27.

Tracy Childs, star of Howard’s Way features in
this play as the ever sinister(ish), appropriately named Klein.
Her character is a good choice for a recurring
villain or even acquaintance in future adventures.</p>

The trouble with this story is that it is very
‘Whoops! When we did that we changed time itself and prevented such and
such from happening and instead this may happen…”

All in all well worth buying and listening to on a
Sunday night, very atmospheric and interesting










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